Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What to Knit?

This seems a simple question. I want to knit a baby sweater. Now that I know I want to knit a baby sweater trying to figure out which sweater is making me rack my brain.

I have already knit a Baby Surprise Jacket. While that is a very interesting pattern, I have no desire to knit it again, like ever.

I was thinking about doing a February Baby Sweater. I really want something small though, because I already knit the BSJ and my Nutmeg Sweater (which is a baby kimono) and those both seems to be about 6-9 or 6-12 months sized. And I'd have to modify it to have a stockinette stitch top. Maybe.

I also like the look of garter yoked sweaters, or shall I say yokes with stripes of garter stitch.

And I have an owl chart I really like that I would love to put on the yoke of a baby sweater. The thing with this is, I'd like to knit the baby sweater from the top-down (like I did with the kimono) and the chart is meant to be read from the bottom up. I don't want upside-down owls on the yoke.

Does anyone know how to "invert" a chart with little twisty cables on it?? The cables that make the owl are only two stitches wide, so I am trying really hard to figure out how to flip this chart over and still make it work. For some reason, it is not making sense to me. I have been searching the Ravelry forums (because someone, somewhere must have asked this question before) but coming up with nothing.

A cardigan or a pullover? Buttons, snaps, loops?

So, what do I knit?? I really want to make a sweater. A teeny-tiny little sweater. I may end up doing that FBS. We'll see. The owls are calling me too.


Anonymous said...

cardigan and loops! :)

Michelle said...

definitely a cardigan!