Monday, July 26, 2010


Go check out this awesome post by Ruth. (Okay, looks like I can't link a specific post. So just go to the blog. It's probably the first one.) She blogs at knittingbloggyblog. She knits for charity (also for herself and kids sometimes).

I have been watching her knit mittens, socks, sweaters, hats, etc. for this orphanage for the last few months, although it feels like years b/c when I found her blog I read through all her archives.

It is really neat to see pictures and hear the stories of the kids actually getting the knitted stuff. Like, when you put it in a box and send it somewhere someone who actually needs it and appreciates it is going to get it. Too cool.

I don't do any charity knitting. But I am thinking about it. Imagine knitting for someone who really would love to have something nice and warm to keep you snuggled in when the temps hit 40 degrees below 0 in the winter. It's inspiring.

You can check out the M4A (Mittens for Akkol) website here.

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Michelle said...

Charity knitting is very rewarding!