Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Progress, and A Complaint

First: Progress. Here is the baby sweater.

I kind of wish I had saved the garter stripe at the top (in the yoke) for under the arms/yoke. But it's still cute. I toyed around with some other ideas, and then a phrase of my husband's crossed my mine. "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Simple really is best. So a stockinette sweater it is. I am currently working on one of the sleeves.

It did end up a little wider/longer than a newborn. Mostly because I convinced myself that it would be better if it was "a little too big".

And now: A complaint.

Can I just sleep already? Wtf is wrong with me? I hate being pregnant. I just want to sleep. I only have to do this for nine more weeks and then I can sleep.

I know what you're thinking: "How are you going to sleep with a newborn? They don't really sleep for long periods of time."

I know. But at least with the newborn in my arms and not my belly I CAN GET COMFORTABLE AND FALL ASLEEP. Even if it's only for 45 minutes. At least I'll be knocked out and in a comfy position.

Ok, rant over. Sorry to dump. I am just soooooo sick of not getting any sleep. It sucks.


Anonymous said...

looks great!

simple is good.

that chart? i flipped it, etc., then wanted to knit a quick swatch to make sure it worked and then it was time to get on the plane. :( sorry :(

Anonymous said...

It's adorable.
And, I know exactly what you mean! I remember those days of waiting for baby to come so that I could sleep. Paradoxical, maybe, but true nonetheless.

Michelle said...

I like it! Simple is always a good choice. I take it baby is a girl?