Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Time to Dye

Today, my fingers ended up looking like this. Why? Well, lemme tell you.

It started with these characters. Green, Blue, Red, and Orange.

The Red (Blastin' Berry Cherry) and the Orange (Mandarina Tangarina) mix to make a "true red". I then mixed a little of that with blue to get a was more navy/grey than purple, but whatever.

I mixed a little green with some blue to get a turquoise-y color. And I mixed a few drops of the red with the blue to get a "true blue" color.

My original color idea was a purple/blue/turquoise skein.

I ended up with something a little different but still pretty. Here is is taking a nice bath after it came out of the oven.
Here is the finished product (minus drying and reskeining). I ended up using not only the blue, "purple" (I use that term loosely here), and turquoise/blue-green I made, but also the straight-up-from-the-packet blue (Berry-Blue) and the straight-from-the-packet green (Lemon-Lime).

I am calling it Tidepool. I really like it. Can't wait for it to dry so I can reskein it. And then cake it!! And then knit with it!!!!! (Probably some longies or shorties).
What fun did you have today?


Anonymous said...

LOVE the colors! I have done that only once, but I have been toying with the idea of trying again... I have some drab cotton that needs a pick me up, but I think cotton is harder to dye than wool....? I need to find out before inspiration takes a vacation!

MamaMidwife said...

I have never tried dying cotton, but I believe it involves soda ash, and some kind of acid dye, and a bunch of complicated steps. I am going to have to cross that hurdle soon as I have 24 lap tees (in various sizes) I got from Dharma to go with my longies for the new baby. The all need to be dyed.

Wool is easy because you can use "safe" acids to dye Kool-Aid (very scidic) or some food coloring and vinegar. :)

In A Sea Of Boys said...

The dye I use is from Jaquard and it works awesomely on 100% cotton.

If you google it, the website doesn't sell the dye, but it will give you the names of retailers.

It does use soda ash as an activator; btw, H, I have a bunch and we must make a dyeing date soon. =D

In A Sea Of Boys said...

Maybe Tuesday?