Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Knitting

'Cause really? Is there ever enough?

I finally embellished the Cutie Girly Longies. They didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned them, all swirly and curly with vines and leaves and round-type flowers. Instead, they are very linear with tulips. Still pretty, still cute. My embroidery skills are not what they could be to achieve what I envisioned, so the duplicate stitch tulips will have to do. What do you think?

You'll have to excuse the "not-so-great-light-pictures". I took the longies and the following sock outside to photograph them in the good light. And.....it was sooooo dang humid that the camera lens kept fogging up. I couldn't even get a picture of this sock outside. This is inside-light-picture-taken-by-the-boy.

These are my Possessed Socks; they are the Kai-Mei (that's a ravelry link) pattern by Cookie A from her book "Sock Innovation". Love the book. I think I have checked it out from the library like 3 times. I also want to knit "Rick" from this book.

The six inches of 3x3 ribbing kind of suck. But once you do the heel and pick up the gussets the foot of the sock flies off the needles. The little lace pattern dancing across the foot and eating up the instep stitches is totally awesome. I know it must be "cool", because the 14-year old daughter asked for a pair too.

I only have 1 sock done, but I did cast on #2 right away. I really can't wait to have my own pair of knit socks!! The first pair I knit went to the boy. I will post pictures soon of what he did to those socks. They never did anything to him, but he sure beat the heck out of them!

More knitting to do......


Anonymous said...

I love the tulips! So simple and girlie.
And those socks are awesome! I don't knit socks, but those are making me rethink my stand... I have wanted to look at that book by Cookie A. It seems like I could do socks if they were totally, outrageously cool.
Now, thanks to you, I will have to pursue it... :)

MamaMidwife said...

I know, right? The sock pattern *is* outrageously cool. That's why I decided to knit it. I just can't get into "plain vanilla" socks.

I have only knit one pair before, but I really do love knitting socks. The heel, the gusset, it all keeps me interested.

Michelle said...

lovin the longies! and the color of the sock is awesome