Monday, July 26, 2010

Another FO

I finished the Possessed Socks. I am sooooo happy to have my own pair of woolly socks!! And I love the pattern sooooo much. I will definitely be knitting this pattern again. It goes really fast once you get to the foot, since that's where the "pattern" is. I love it. Did I say that already?

(The pic kind of sucks. But it's the middle of the night and there is no sunshine.)

These are done. I even frogged the toe of the first sock and reknit it. I wove the ends in. I am so proud of myself. I just need to block them...although I am not entirely sure that is necessary.

I also think my feet are narrower than my legs. I think I will test out my next pair of socks by knitting less stitches on the foot than the leg.....less by about 4-6 stitches.....and see if that makes the foot feel better.

So, that leaves only 3 WIP left (if you don't count the 2 baby sweaters that need buttons)(which I do, so I guess that's actually 5)(but 3 sounds nice, doesn't it?).

I have to finish the shawl I have been working on FOREVER, my husband's sweater (ugh!), and the cheap thrill socks. Those socks I think are going to get gifted. They are a little too big for me.

*sigh* Patting myself on the back.


Michelle said...

They are lovely!! The color is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I need some of these nifty socks! Come teach me to knit!
~The OTHER Heather