Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Shirts

I dyed the baby shirts. Six 3-month short sleeve, Five 6-month short sleeve, Six 6-month long sleeve, and Six 12-month long sleeve. I am not sure what happened to the other 6 month short sleeve, it's gone.

I only "tie-dyed" 5 or 6 of them and I did the other ones with "low water imersion". So the other ones kind of look tie-dyed (not really the exact effect I wanted) but they are not. I wanted a solid color that was kind of mottled, not super solid. I like them.

My favorite ones are the "solid" ones. Some of them looked really crappy when I was rinsing the dye out in the tub, and then they washed up to be my favorites. Others looked pretty cool in the rinse water and turned out OK.

The picture above has one of each color I dyed. (Oh, I actually missed a few, see below pics too.) Some of the colors got one of each size/style shirt and some just got 2. The tie-dyes are all unique.

The top shirt is straight up Fuscia dye done on all 4 shirts in a ziplock bag and squished around to get the effect.

The next one down is what my friend and I were calling a "light purple" - which was a purple we made with about 2 parts Turquoise to 1 part Fuscia with some Lilac thrown in. It turned out really pretty. The dye "broke" and the Turquoise shows through on it's own. I also have 4 of these.

The next is a tie-dyed one with Turquoise, Green, and Navy. Pretty too. Underneath that, another Fuscia snuck in.

The next one is straight Turquoise. I only have this one plain Turquosie shirt. I like it.

Second from the bottom is Fuscia/Purple. We put a lot of the "Light Purple" in the bag and then finished it off with some Fuscia dye. There are only two of these shirts (rats!!). They were really ugly in the bag, and even uglier when I was rinsing them. They are my FAVORITE of all the shirts now that they have been washed. Totally pretty and beautiful. For any of you "Malabrigo Junkies" out there, they are extremely (almost identical) to the colorway "Velvet Grapes" (which I now have to buy! ok, later I'll get some *stash busting* remember?).

The bottom shirt is Fire Engine Red dye. There are two of these. They are really pretty and actually came out of the wash matching my Geranio yarn, which is more of what I'd call a dark pink.

This is a picture of them all folded up in the lamp light last night. The one on the top with green, blue, red, and orange is a tie-dyed shirt done for Lovey. He likes it.

In the bottom left-hand corner of the picture is the "Dark Purple" we mixed up - Navy with Fire Engine Red. I have 4 of these shirts and they are not my favorites. It looked good in the bag, but came out kind of grey. I am thinking about overdyeing these. I am not sure how that would work out, but I am curious.

The top shirt here is the Fuscia/Purple that I LOVE. Then Turquoise, Fuscia, and the "broken" Light Purple. Very nice shirts.

Again, the Fuscia Purple. And the plain Fuscia next to it. Underneath on the left is the "Dark Purple" and on the right is a tie-dyed turquoise, green, and purple.

More shirts layed out. I tried really hard to get good pics of the colors. Unfortunately, it was raining today so I couldn't take them outside. These are all laying next to the patio door on the floor. There are some more tie-dye examples there in the background.
I had a lot of fun doing this. Now that I know how the colors turned out, I totally want to do more. I have more dye left (already mixed up). I will probably do some diapers soon. My legs hurt really bad from sitting on the toilet while I rinsed the shirts out in the tub. That took me all afternoon. I am not looking forward to that again.
I also made a shirt for each of the big kids. I'll put up another post with those pics in a minute. Blogger's 5 pics per post thing and all.
What do you think of the shirts??

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