Saturday, July 24, 2010

Almost Sidetracked

My resolve to finish WIP and then jump into my queue was almost completely ambushed last night.

When I couldn't sleep at 1 am, I got up and decided to "read" one of my newly acquired knitting books:

My mom actually picked up this book for me via PBS auction on TV. It's even a signed copy (I'm not sure why that matters).

I have skimmed this before. But, with restlessness all consuming last night, I read the entire "Techniques" chapter and perused all the patterns.

The techniques are actually very informative, especially for embroidery techniques for knitted objects. I found a new way to make a "spot" or "dot" on knitted fabric and got a good idea about adding appliques, etc, to knitting work.

I got a little hung up on some of the patterns. I especially like all of the "Sock Yarn Toys" chapter patterns.

I have a bag of sock yarn scraps I scored on Ravelry and was almost tempted to cast some on!! I really LOVE the "New Sock Monkey", "Baby Bear", and "Curly Snake" (all rav links, can't get a good picture off the net).

I also love the Baby Doll Set and Matryoshka Dolls (Russian Nesting Dolls).

But, I am strong. I can avoid the temptation. I can try hard not to think about the cute little toys that will knit up fast and use up leftover yarn. I have knit one of her patterns before and they are well written and fun to knit.

As I read the book last night, I worked on my Possessed Sock. The heel flap is done and heel turned. I picked up gusset stitches today.

Progress. Not sidetracked. (but what great projects to get sidetracked with!!)


Anonymous said...

I love that book. I have made the snake, puppy and bird/nest/egg. Very fun!!
Sorry - I shouldn't tempt you like that! :)

MamaMidwife said...

Seriously - you shouldn't!

I LOVE that little sleeping puppy too!