Friday, July 2, 2010

"Quack, Quack!"

Everytime we see a turkey, my almost-4-year-old daughter yells, "Quack, Quack!" It's hilarious. I would correct her, but it's seriously too funny.

Around here, there are a LOT of turkeys. We live in the boonies and regularly have to slow down (or speed up as the case may be) to not hit them in the roads. The spring is the most fun when all the turkeys are out and the little baby turkeys are out too. Turkeys are very ugly. But the little ones are sooooo little and ugly, they're cute!

Yesterday, we had a turkey in our yard. Of course, Wobbers had to collect proof that he really was seeing a turkey.

See, ugly. But neat, and a little cute. It took him/her about 2 seconds to hear the camera go off and run into the field. Still pretty cool for the 10 year old.
On not exactly the same topic, but related and very funny, he also found a bird's nest under our deck. He ran up on the porch to grab the camera from me and then quickly ran back down to snap some photos. He said there were 8 cute little fluffy baby birds down there.
A few seconds later, we (my husband was home by then) heard the camera turn on. Then Wobber's yelled, "Hey! They can fly!!" I started laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Like, yeah dude, they're birds. It was too funny. He didn't get any pictures. But he did get to see a bird fly into our basement window. He said that was great.


Anonymous said...

It looks delicious! ;)

Anonymous said...

Homeschooling at its finest!

Michelle said...

Find out when turkey hunting season is and buy a gun/bow. Nothing like wild turkey breast on the grill!!

MamaMidwife said...

Oh my! Hunting! I haven't been hunting since my 4 year old was born. But I still get a license every year "just in case". I should probably mention my husband and I are also DNR Hunter Safety Instructors. We have lots of guns in every caliber and gauge you can think of! My son actually asked me if he could grab one of the shotguns after he took that NO and NO. It's not hunting season right now, and you aren't old enough for a license buddy!!

Thanks for commenting! Yes, BWYA - it does look delicious! Although, I have never had wild turkey, and now I am curious about trying it on the grill Michelle! It does sound good. :)

Michelle said...

It is delicious! What we find works best, is to skin the turkey feathers and all! Marinate for a day and grill it up!