Thursday, July 1, 2010

Couldn't Make Up My Mind

I did decide what to knit next: the Rainbow Longies.

What I couldn't figure out was what to pair the "Taste the Rainbow" yarn with? I only have enough left to trim a pair of longies. The main color could be either light purple (Wisteria) or teal (Too Teal). Aren't they pretty??

I decided they looked really pretty together, especially after I caked them up. So I thought, hey, why not stripe them into a pair of longies.

I started knitting right away. After an hour or so, I moved to the porch and knit outside in the breeze while the kids played in their bare feet in the yard.

A little while later, I had this:

Then I started thinking it looked too busy. The rainbow yarn AND the stripes. Should I frog? I pulled it off the needles to get a better look.

And about 5 minutes later......I had this:

Too busy. I frogged and decided just to go with the teal. I do love purple, and she is going to be a girl. But I really like the teal with the rainbow. I think it's because there isn't much blue in this particular skein (my fault, I dyed it) and the teal makes it seem balanced to me.
So now, I have this:

Thanks to my boy there for holding it up for the picture. I actually have quite a bit more than that, b/c it's 10pm now and that was at like 7. I am just about to split for the legs.
Then I'll have lots more knitting before the next decision: What kind of cuffs??


Anonymous said...

I think that was the right decision. I do like them together, but you're right... too busy. They're looking great! Can't wait to see the finished pair. Isn't it nice to not have to worry about so many ends to weave in?! (that's what I hate about striped anything. Looks great, but OY!)

Michelle said...

Great choice! Looking good!

Anonymous said...

I would have gone with purple. :)
They are so cute! I love the rainbow colors!

MamaMidwife said...

W & C - I actually think I have enough rainbow left to make another pair!!

BWYA - I just carry the yarn up the inside of the longies when I stripe so I don't have to weave in too many ends. :)