Sunday, August 23, 2009

Liturgical abuses.....

....make Baby Jesus cry.

And my friends, he cried a lot today.

Please pray for my local parish. Today was the first Mass I attended here. I am seriously thinking that the hour and a half drive to the Cathedral Parish in the Big City might not be such a hardship after all.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Me awake in bed at 5:30 am with my kids asleep.....

a phone call to attend a labor....

and my husband just left for work.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Master Bathroom as described by my friend, CW

The walls and ceiling are painted a hot pink magenta (think Pepto-Bismol on acid). Then it looks like the previous owners passed out some jars of fingernail polish and told the kids to "have at it".


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Testing, Testing

Ok, so we have moved. We have no internet access because I now live in the boonies - way, way out in the boonies.

I am typing this post on my Crackberry (it's really a Blackberry, but it's like a drug, hence the crack). It has taken me a while to figure this thing out and this is my test post, typed with my thumbs on a keyboard no bigger than a bus pass.

I am still living, as Candy has so elequantly put it (although I can't figure out how to link to her on this thing), in Cardboard Stonehedge. It's a little depressing. Still, I hope to grow to love this house and the land.

I still hate bugs, a lot. But it was awesome to see a whole flock (if that's the right term) of turkeys out in the field we own this morning while I nursed my youngest.

Oh, and his birthday is tomorrow. Lovey will be one. He's atill such a baby but growing so much too and almost walking.


Friday, August 14, 2009

I feel CRAZY

We are moving.

In fact today, a huge truck with green and orange lettering parked itself in my driveway and proceeded to eat all of the boxes and furniture in my house.

My neighbors, bless their hearts, were kind enough to come over and help us load the truck. My dear friend, C., has spent the last 3 afternoons, including today, at my house helping me pack through my neurosis.

Candy posted wonderfully about the kind of exhaustion that accompanies moving, although I know not of the kind of move she is doing across the country. I hope she knows that now since she is a midwesterner I may have to stalk her and meet her someday.

I am experiencing that kind of exhaustion, not to mention I FEEL CRAZY.

I hope my husband really loves his job because I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN.

See you on the flip side.