Saturday, July 24, 2010

One of *Those* Nights

My children are driving me crazy.

My belly aches. It's heavy. And my ligaments are all being pulled. I feel sore.

I have to pee every 5 minutes. And it's only like a tablespoon. Annoying.

Right now my 2 toddlers are wrestling/arguing over some toy car on the floor in their room. I am completely unmotivated to stop it. She won't let go of his truck, and he won't let go of her.

The dog seems very relaxed. He is laying on the couch. Just kind of grrrred to himself, probably from the noise of the kids.

Just yelled at the Flower to give him the truck and come here.

It didn't work.

Big kid and Dad are playing some racing video game downstairs. It sounds like a big fan is swirling around the house.

Wow, I have never seen the toddlers so angry.

What's it going to be like when I have another??

She finally listened and came here. I told her to play with the stroller and her babies.

What are my kids doing up this late, you ask? Oh, I haven't told you yet?

I don't sleep when I am pregnant. Therefore, my kids don't sleep well either. As much as I try to put them to bed earlier than myself (at a regular time), they just fall into my pattern and stay up with me. They do eventually go to sleep, usually a few hours before me. The bonus of them going to bed at 12 is that they sleep till 11. So if I don't fall asleep until 4 or 6 (or later lots of mornings) I at least get to sleep till 10 or 11 every morning. Not so great when I fall asleep at 7, but at least everybody else is asleep.

Now Lovey has his truck and Flower is crying. Gotta run.

Sorry for the dump. Just had to tell someone. Sometimes it sucks. It will not always be like this, I know. But right now......*sigh*.

(And now she's happy again. Hug from Dad fixes it all.) :)

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