Thursday, July 22, 2010

One FO Crossed Off the List

Woo Hoo!! One down, like 5 or 6 to go!

I finished the Garter Stripe Yoke Baby Sweater last night. I even wove all the ends in. I don't have a good picture (sorry) yet. She is going to block and then I will have some pics.

I think I may either do buttons with loops or just do some simple I-cord ties to finish it off. It's pretty small (and she will be too!) so I am not overly convinced that it needs a "secure" closure. Especially since babies spit up, drool, spill things, and breastmilk tends to leak everywhere anyway.


Just had to share an accomplishment. I am now working on the second Possessed Sock. I have about 3 inches of the leg done.

I am trying really hard not to cast on anything new. Especially since the things I want to cast on are not in my queue. I really, really want to knit up the yarn I dyed last week (or a few weeks ago, I don't remember). I am leaving it alone. I should just put it away with the rest of the stash so it stops calling to me.

(Just a sidenote here: I ran the "spellcheck" on this post. Apparently, "breastmilk" is not a recognized word. Who knew?)

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