Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today is *The* Day

Quick check in today. Why?

I am going to see a movie *gasp* in the theatre *gasp* without my kids *gasp*.

My two best friends and I are off to see "Eclipse" followed by food at my favorite Mexican restauant. I am totally pumped.

(I have FO to show tomorrow or Monday.)

Have a great weekend! Happy Anniversary Michelle! BWYA - Thank you for raising such great young men to serve and protect our country and it's Independance!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you... and you are welcome. It is our pleasure (though sometimes mingled with tears...)

Enjoy the movie!

Anonymous said...

Although I think your choice of movies is not what I would have picked, I hope you have a great time. And don't feel guilty about leaving the kids. I always do, but I try not to! :)

MamaMidwife said...

I don't see many (ok anything besides Harry Potter) movies in the theater, but this one was pretty good. I kind of wish I hadn't re-read the book before I went so it would have been more exciting.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

November 19th! November 19th! Book 7, Part 1! Have you seen the trailer?

I don't go to the theater often, either. I went to the LOTR movies, HP movies and just a few others over the past several years (toy story 3, book of eli...can't remember any others.)

My daughter liked Eclipse, too.