Sunday, July 25, 2010


(I figured out how to load more than 5 pics!!)

I made a pair of socks for Wobbers last year:

Aren't they pretty?? I took him to the LYS and let him pick out the yarn. He choose beautifully, Claudia's Handpainted Yarn in "Hawaiian". It was lovely to knit with. I found that I LOVE knitting socks. (See more details of this project here.)

Do you want to see what happens to $26 worth of 100% wool sock yarn, soft and lovely, when given to a 9 year old boy??

Ew. See the big hole there??

And all the little holes??

The kid completely destroyed them. He asked me if I would "fix" them. Um, maybe if it was just one little hole I could figure out how to darn it. But this is really beyond fixing. I have a small amount of this yarn left and I'd rather make something new out of it than fix these socks only to have them ripped to shreds again.

I am not even going to take pictures of the other sock. It's just that bad.

I do not blame the boy. He is just a boy and wore the socks as boys do. I blame myself. From now on, he only gets socks with Nylon in them. And not expensive, handpainted yarn. Or I will at least by some sock nylon to run with the working yarn. Ei-yi-yi. These poor socks. Not to mention how worn the colors look now.

He still wears them. They still keep him warm. He just wears them around the house.

Had to share.


Anonymous said...

The highest compliment one could be paid! I much prefer my handknits to be worn to shreds than for them to never be worn at all.
But maybe next time use Knit Picks... :)

MamaMidwife said...

Yeah - definitely Knit Picks for that boy!! It *is* a nice compliment, that he liked them sooooo much and wore them soooo much. :)