Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thanks be to God....

I am not pregnant anymore. :)

We welcomed our new Little Man yesterday morning 10:45AM, at home and in the water.

He is a small but plump 7 lbs. 4 oz. with big hands and feet.

We have many to thank.....

God for the wonderful blessing he has bestowed on our marriage.

Our doula for the wonderful care given to Mama and family (and the great pictures!!).

My friend K. for lending us the awesome birth tub.

The midwives at MBC who provided superb prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care to Mom, baby, and family (they even did the laundry after the birth - I LOVE MIDWIVES!!)

My dearest friend C. - who came with groceries, supported me during birth, watched over my kids, cooked food ALL DAY after the birth while Mom, Dad, and Baby slept, fed me, kept me hydrated, and over all helped keep the sanity around here all day. YOU are AWESOME, and I love you.

Pictures to come soon. He's darn cute.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Stanley,

You look just like your Dad and you have no idea, yet, how much love awaits you! Welcome to God's World and THANK GOD for one more soul's arrival...a sure sign that God thinks this marriage and this family are blessed!

Congratulations my dear friend Heather..I am SO GLAD you had such wonderful support during your LDR day! I look forward to hearing your birth story and meeting Stan in person when the birth high wears off, let me know so I can visit and help revive it! :)

Big Hugs,