Friday, August 8, 2008

Is Anybody Reading This?

Just a quick note this morning - as I am off to take the kids to a friend's house to play.

Is anyone reading this? I often wonder, "Do I have an audience at all?" Not that it matters. This whole blogging thing is enjoyable and relieves tension and gives me a place to vent (see how big the "Rants" category is getting?).

Nevertheless, I do wonder if there are any of you out there.

Oh, and something different but that needs an update, wrist splints are hot and sweaty. But they do their job.


1 comment:

laurazim said...

hehehe.....try wrapping (loosly, of roucse) just a couple of layers of cheesecloth around your hands and wrists first. (You can buy it in town in the odds and ends section of the grocery store....if you can CALL it a grocery store.....)

Yes, you'll look like a partial mummy. But it'll help soak up the sweat.