Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bawawawawawa! Ha! Ha! Ha! HAAAA!

Oh my goodness!! Go right on over to Jenni's place right now to see the funniest thing ever. She is totally right on with this one! I can't even think of a better description of this guy!!

Update 8/4/08 - RATS!! She deleted the post! Someone must have gotten offended, although I highly doubt that anyone from this guy's campaign trail found her out and threatened her.

For what it's worth, because I still think it's hilarious regardless of who is offended (because this dude is going to seriously f-up our country if he's elected, not to mention his whole belief system is way off kilter): It was a picture of Bat Boy next to a picture of this freak with a qestion like "I've been wondering who he reminds me of". I thought it was pure genious.

Don't hold it against Jenni. She has a BIG audience. I don't. And I know you'll all appreciate it.

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