Monday, August 11, 2008

Better Today

We are well into the school day at this point. What works and what doesn't? Is it really that hard? No, actually, it's not.

Keeping a boy on track is by far a trial from God Himself, but I am up to the challenge. It is a never ending battle of "Keep you head looking at your work, and for Pete's sake, sit up and stop trying to lie down." The many, many excuses have branched out today: "I wasn't being distracted Mama, I was itching." "I'm so thirsty! Why can't I get a glass of water?" "It is a sentence: A pirate flag!" Um, no dude. That's like saying "A house." is a sentence.

But still, we are doing better today than we have been. We are at the beginning of Week 5, and hopefully we will make it through. The joyous thing about this week is I have suspended all "regular" religion studies, meaning our textbook pages, etc., for a week of fun-filled studies of Our Lady and the Assumption. Friday, of course, is the Solemnity of the Assumption. We will be going to the noon hour Mass, which will be presided over by our Bishop. It's so nice to hear him speak. It will be a wonderful celebration and finale to our coloring pages, bookmark project, and crosswords about Our Lady that we are doing this week.

It's amazing to me the way that He works out the smallest and largest of details in my life to make sure everything runs just the way it should. Yesterday, I was worried about getting the school week started on time since we have numerous appointments going on this week, two in the afternoon alone today (midwife and then my husband has a Christian Men's Group he attends). Not to mention the laundry I have allowed to pile up all week and all the "new to me" diapers that need washing in our special soap (so as to remove all residue and soap build up their previous owners may have unknowingly left behind - my babies have super sensitive skin).

Normally, I would be completely sad and miserable to wake up and find myself late for an appointment with my midwife, as I cherish all the time I get to spend with her. This morning, however, it was truly a blessing in disguise. When I called to reschedule my appointment I was told that it actually worked out better that way since they have a woman in labor there right now. Missing the appointment leaves me free to start (and hopefully finish) the laundry and personally supervise school work for the day, instead of having to leave it in the hands of my 8 year old and his big sisters while I am away.

Nifty. His plans are always better than mine. Still, I forget that on a regular basis. Going with the flow instead of fighting it has proven to be simpler and more graceful today than ever.

Now, if I can just get my smart little man to say, "It was a pirate flag." instead of "A pirate flag." everything will be just fine.


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