Saturday, August 9, 2008


It's been one of those weeks. My husband and I haven't had a chance to connect in, well, forever, it seems.

Last weekend I had school and he was home with the kids. When I get home from those long days all I can do is eat a quick meal and collapse in my bed.

The weekdays were full of appointments at all random hours of the day, a few of which I went to by myself to allow him and the little ones to sleep.

His job has been a larger obligation, requiring his presence almost double the nights this week than most. Good for the checkbook, hard for us.

On top of that, he had a one day class to make up yesterday from his last semester at school (thanks be to God he already graduated), and then had to rush right off to work. The school was from Noon - 9, and then work from 9 - 5 or maybe 6 am.

Of course, I think as women, we always wonder if they yearn for us quite the way that we do for them. He had told me many a time on the phone this week how much he missed me - being in my presence, holding me, laying in bed without the kids. I, of course, feel very much the same way and after a few days of not sleeping on the same schedule tend to become quite lonely.

Imagine my surprise this morning as I rose from bed well before anyone has stirred in my home, except of course for the dog. I think he's been up for hours. On my kitchen table is a beautiful glass vase complete with a dozen roses, pink and red. No rhyme or reason, just random flowers. Those are the best. He knows just how to get my heart out of a jam and remind me that he too longs for me just as much as I for him. The sweetness contained in my brawny, rugged man that only I get to know about (and, well, all of you now) is such a treasure to me.

With God's grace, hopefully we can emerge from this drought and find richer pastures in the weeks to come. One more night of work, one more day of sleep, and perhaps an evening of togetherness Sunday that has been well worth the wait.


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