Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Dear Baby

Before you were even born, He knew you and loved you. Before your conception even took place, He knew who you would be and how important your life would be.

We also knew you and dreamed of you from the moment we met. Your journey to us was a long awaited for miracle that we prayed for, hoped for, and thought of everyday. Trials of when and if you might come plagued us. Some days, as the wait seemed to go on forever, we even lost sight of our hope.

We imagined you'd be along sooner than you were. But you came right when you should have. His timing in bringing you to us was perfect, just as your little body was perfect in every way when you arrived.

When news of your arrival came, we were overjoyed with happiness. Finally, a sign that you would be in our arms one day. Hearing your heartbeat for the first time brought tears to my eyes. And feeling your first movements was pure bliss, making me laugh out loud with excitement.

Your early weeks in my womb were accompanied by nausea and fatigue, but it was a battle worth waging with a conclusion worth fighting for. As you grew and crowded my body I imagined with joy what it would be like to finally hold you in my arms.

My labor with you was long and drawn out. You took your time figuring just the right hour to enter this world. It was a stormy, rainy Friday afternoon when you finally took the last leap from water baby in my belly to breathing baby in my arms.

I will never forget pulling you up from my womb and looking into your eyes for the first time. They were wide open, taking in all there was to see, seeking deep into my own eyes to cement the connection we had started so long ago when you first began to grow inside me. Just thinking about it now makes me cry at the wonderful memory I was so blessed to be given by you.

Every moment we have shared together has been wonderful. Nursing and nourishing you has been the most fulfilling role as mother I could ever have hoped for. Watching you learn and grow takes my breath away. Your laughter could brighten even the darkest day, and your sweet little voice is the most precious thing I have ever heard.

Keep being who you are. Grow up you will. One day soon you may not even need me anymore. I will cherish the years we have spent so close together, nursing, sleeping, walking, crawling, snuggling. You are the most cherished gift He could have given us.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. I love you.


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tomsqtpi said...

My Dear Friend, I did not forget about your hungry household. my grumpy saturday got worse before it got better and I let it slide. Alas, now my email is down and I can't get to the handy list of your other dear friends who wished to help. Can I come Thursday late morning-ish to help? Call me tomorrow when you have time; kids' school open houses from 4-7. So Sorry HUN!! Love You!! ~~C