Friday, November 14, 2008

Off The Top of My Head

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The coupon game is a lot harder than I thought. After trying it out this week, I was not as pleasantly surprised as I thought I would be.
Being damned, er, blessed with OCD I took all the receipts from the big warehouse-type grocery store in the "big city" around here and typed up a spreadsheet with prices off all the foods I buy on a regular basis. I printed this out and went to the closer "small-town" store in the next town over. I compared prices and brought a little hand held file-thingie with all my Q-pins in it.
Even with the coupons, I could still buy stuff cheaper at regular price in the "big city". At least I know I haven't been wasting my time (and gas) driving there for the last 2 years to shop since we moved here. And if I use the coupons there, then I can feel like I'm saving even more.
This week's total grocery shopping savings: appx $35
What part of "Do not make your little sister scream while your father is trying to sleep" is so hard to understand? Can you understand it? It is in English? Right?
I have a problem with stinky diapers. No, not the regular stinky diapers. My baby's cloth diapers are stinky. They smell fine when the come out of the dryer. But as soon as he pees in them one whiff of it can knock you out. I'm sure there is some really nifty way you can "strip" them, but I've tried a couple of different methods that I found online and nothing is working. Any tips? Anybody?
Oh, and he's still only pooping about once every 5 days. So the poop is not the stinky problem. Except for yesterday, when he pooped and then I took the diaper off to change him, and then he pooped even more all over my hand. In My Bed. On My Side. Yuck.
Raising Teenagers is Like Nailing Jello to a Tree.
You heard me. I know I've said this before, but it's so true I just wanted to make sure you heard it.
On the way to the grocery store the other day I decided to take some extra dough my Grandpa had sent for my upcoming birthday this weekend and treat the kids to some drive through at McDonald's. He sent me $10 and I'd already spent $3, so I figured I could feed myself and the three little kids on the 7 bucks left. That was not a problem. 2 double-cheeseburgers for me, a small fry and double-cheeseburger for the Wobs, and a double-cheeseburger for Flower, one small Hi-C Orange for us to share. $6.33, tax included. Not bad.
The part that I must share with you is this: Despite our lifestyle taking a major change to frugality (which I am convinced God is calling us to) and therefore not many a Micky D's trip have we had in about 2 months, my two-year-old daughter spotted the Golden Arches from about 1/2 mile away and starting yelling "Buuur-gerrr!! Buuur-gerrr!!" until we actually pulled into the parking lot.
Do you ever feel like you just want everyone and everything to be quiet? Today alone I have been asked "Can I.....", "Why not.....", "Mom....." about 50 times. I feel like I am going to explode if one more person asks my permission to do something that I don't feel like talking about. Argh.
Why aren't there any wholesome TV shows anymore? Remember "Little House on the Prairie"? I have recently found this gem on the Hallmark channel in the afternoons. It's nice. There's no low-cut shirts. There is an actual storyline. Humor isn't just's actually funny situations, even irony sometimes. The language is appropriate for even my 2-year-old to hear. The storyline does not involve sex, or someone trying to get sex, or someone having gotten pregnant for sex they shouldn't have had, or someone being upset because they decided to stop having sex with so and so and "oh my God! What will everyone think!" crap. It's nice and refreshing to watch something that isn't completely morally questionable - like the shows on ABC Family Channel that are anything but family appropriate.
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happymom said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I, too, blog, and my frequent topics include politics, Catholicism, birth, and abortion. You seem to mirror my beliefs uncannily. You have no idea how profoundly thankful I am to realize there are others out there who are pro-midwifery and anti-abortion. To explain further, please go here to my blog:
(Also see my The Female Problem page)
I would love your insight on the whole birth movement phenomenon. I get so frustrated by advocates for increased midwifery legislation who are also radically pro-abortion. I realize you're a busy mom, too, but I would love to hear the perspective of a Catholic, anti-abortion, soon-to-be midwife. Thanks so much,

Lindy Borer

Christine said...

I really enjoyed your quick takes, and I love your banner picture. I'll have to come visit again. Glad Jen set this whole thing up

Jennifer F. said...

#7 - I thought I was the only one who noticed that! I feel like I sound like an old granny when I complain to my friends about the state of TV, but I am horrified by the ads I see for shows like Lipstick Jungle or Real Housewives.

Also, #1 had me cracking up. I would totally end up with some elaborate coupon spreadsheet too.

I loved reading your Quick Takes and am glad to have discovered your site!