Friday, November 7, 2008

Daylight Savings What?

Here we are again. The time of year where I want to run and scream like a little bitty girlie (oh wait, I am a little girlie!) into the corner and hide.

Why? What do you mean why? Don't you know what happened this weekend? Some crazy power in the universe insisted that we observe Daylight "Insanity" Time, or rather that we revert back to "Standard" Time, whatever that is.

Click here for some neato information on this issue.

However cool the information is, the effect on my family is never good.

I remember my first DST as a mother......


ME: Oh crap! I've got to set the clocks back. But how will I know when it is Wobber's bedtime?

MYSELF: Just keep one of the clocks set to the "real" time and you'll be able to tell.

ME: But isn't the "real" time whatever time it really is?

MYSELF: Yes, but this will just be the "sleeping" time clock. You'll be OK, just go with it.

ME: Ok, but if I put all the clocks ahead, no I mean behind, and he should be in bed at 8 o'clock with bath starting at 7 o'clock, then I can just start the bath at 8 instead. Right?

MYSELF: No, you should start the bath at 7.

ME: But the bath was at 7 with the "real" time.

MYSELF: But when the "real" time is 7, it's "real"ly 8.

ME: Argh!!! I hate this.

MYSELF: No wait! Eureka! I've got it! Start the bath at 6 o'clock real time. Then he'll be in bed by 7.

ME: Do you mean real time or "real" time?

MYSELF: What time is it again, right now?

ME: Huh? So you want me to give him a bath when we should be having dinner?

MYSELF: Yep. Hey wait a minute!? When in the heck are we gonna eat?

ME: But if he goes to bed at 6 o'clock what time will he wake up?

MYSELF: No, he bathes at 6, bed at 7.

ME: But isn't that "really" 5 and 6? Or is it 7 and 8?

Yeah. You get the picture. It's not any better here in 2008 when I have a baby, and a toddler, and the Wobbers all going insane the same exact day my husband switches from the day shift at work to the night shift.

Mm, hmm.


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Jennifer F. said...

I can SO relate to this. Hilarious.