Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rainbow Hat

On the knitting front comes some new projects.

If you are a member of ravelry (or even if you aren't - join!! - it's FREE and awesome!!) you can find me under the same username: MamaMidwife.

I have finally started the Rainbow Hat. My husband really, really wants a beanie made out of the Taste the Rainbow yarn (seen in this post). I really thought he was joking. I was wrong.

I started it a few days ago and should have it done today. I promise to post pictures ASAP. A knitting post with no pictures is really no fun.

I also got some really crappy yarn as a gift from a very nice individual. It's a cotton/rayon blend. I am sure she bought it because it looked "pretty". It's awful. It splits and it's squeaky. I hate I started a shawl-y thing to get rid of it. I think I may gift the item to her. Don't tell.

Knit on.

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