Friday, December 18, 2009

OCD Knitting

Last week, I knit myself a mitten. It was destined to be a pair. I didn't use a pattern. I decided about 1/2 way up the mitten that the circumference past the wrist was probably too big. And I didn't really think tha thumb placement was good. And I didn't really love the ribbing running up the back of the hand.

I knit the entire mitten anyway.

I made notes for modifications, took some pictures, and FROGGED the whole thing. Yep. (I may have already mentioned this.)

Well my friends, I have done it again. No, I didn't knit the mitten and frog *it* again (although that's not off the table).

I made, and finished, the rainbow hat.

It was too big. Wearable, but big. I toyed with just ripping parts back or adding a tighter headband.

But in the end folks, the OCD brain chemistry I have says, "It must be perfect, or don't bother." So I frogged the whole thing and recast it on tonight. I did get some pictures, but this is a blackberry post - so you'll have to wait.

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In A Sea Of Boys said...

At least your hubby is big enough that when he looks like a ... well... special person.... in said rainbow hat, he won't get the crap kicked out of him.