Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Mitt That Was, And Is

So, remember this post. Well here's the offending mitt:

I know, I know. "Really MamaMidwife," you ask, "what's so wrong with that (other than it's missing a thumb)?? It looks nice."

Yeah. I know. It appears that way. But no. It's not. If I didn't rip this puppy back, I would notice all the things I didn't like about it's look and it's fit. That would just not be right, not quaggle as my confirmation baby would tell me. See the 3 rows of ribbing going up the back? I ended up not liking that.

The thumb is in a wonky spot and it's got too much give and room.

On the bright side, I LOVE THIS YARN. I could knit with it forever. I could rip this project out a hundred times and reknit it and be ok with that.

What is it? It's Mountain Colors "Twizzle", which is 85% wool, 15% silk and it is OhSoSoft. Really. (I tried to google you a good link for it, but it's useless. Just look at my pictures). I believe the colorway is "Mystic Lake". I got it on sale for about 15% off at my LYS a while back. I love it. Did I mention I love it?? I have only 2 skeins so I am being very stingy with anything I knit with it coming out perfect.

You recognize this picture?? Yep. There's the Rainbow Hat II in the background. And in the foreground is the mitt cast-on and started again. I took these Friday (12-18) so I actually have quite a bit more done than this.

Here's a shot of my crafty spot in the living room, and my son's Roald Dahl book in the pic. :) I am new to this whole "blogging my knitting" thing, so if I have skipped any details you want to know, just ask and ye shall receive. Love to talk about my crack. Hmm, it doesn't sound so good when you say it like that.

And because I am a REAL is a picture of my knitting notes. This is where I decided what to do for the new mitt. Really, I am a little geeky with this. This is the 4th page of notes just for this one mitten. When I get it the way I want it maybe I'll have to make an official "pattern". That could be fun.

Knit on, friends.

** Edited to add: Ok, so in that first pic.....what's bothering me also is that I made a nice long cuff, but forgot to make the end of that nice long cuff a little wider than the top - 'cause arms get wider as you go up from the wrist. Make sense?? Hope so.

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