Sunday, November 15, 2009

Knitting All Around

There has been an awful amount of knitting going on here. I will admit, the knitting is mostly due to my need to cope with stress. It is productive as well as relaxing. I feel as though I accomplish something, be it just a mitten, a sock, or even just a few rows or rounds of a rather simple sweater.

First up: Some yarn I dyed a long time ago. I call it "Taste the Rainbow". I dyed it with Kook-Aid and I love the way it looks. My husband tried to convince me to make him a hat out of it. I laughed at him.

This is the progress on my first lace project. I started this in May 2009. I do not like knitting lace. It's too thin a fiber for me to hold on to and I have a hard time distinguishing the different stitches from one another. This is the Swallowtail Shawl by, Evelyn Clark. It is a cute pattern, but lace is just not my thing. I have found renewed interest in finishing this and have been picking it up pretty regularly this month.

This is my progress on the Husband Sweater - so named as it is for The Man. It is the Seamless Hybrid Sweater from Knitting Without Tears, by Elizabeth Zimmermann. She is/was a knitting genious, what with her simple patterns and pithy directions. Love her.

I am enjoying knitting this sweater. But I do feel as though I will be knitting it FOREVER. My husband specified the chest size to match a favorite shirt of his. It is 59 inches around. I cast on 294 stitches. This is knit in the round, which is great. It does get a little boring doing the same stitch over and over again. This is my favorite "car knitting" to and from the ride to church.

And finally: My first pair of socks!! I made these for the boy and they are oh, so soft. He loves them and I loved making them. I love knitting in the round. I love the feel of my DPN's (double-point needles). I love turning the heel. I love shaping the gusset. I just love it all.

Aren't these heels just beautiful?

Here are the Boy's socks on my feet. Maybe I should keep them?

Oh, and today is my birthday. Thought you should know. :) Glad I get to go to Mass on my birthday, even if my husband has to work. :P


In A Sea Of Boys said...

If I bring aforementioned Sinful Brownie-type, super chocolatey layer cake on Wednesday... can I have a knitting lesson?

MamaMidwife said...

Yes! You bring cake, I provide crack, er, knitting.