Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Hat That Was

Gotta love blogger....these pictures loaded out of order. Please excuse this first photo. Well come back I promise.

Moving on. Here (look down) is the hat. I finished it in just a few days. It is pretty cute. But it is HUGE. Even for my rather large man.
I knit it too big around. I knew that pretty early on and kept on knitting anyway. Oh well. Now I know just how he'd like it.

Here's a close up of the yarn. I really like that it didn't pool. I really like this yarn.

In "action" shot on the man. It "fits" but is very loose. He really wants a beret-type look. Um, no. I am just reducing the number of stitches (or so I think) and knitting it plain (you'll see what I mean in a few seconds).

Action from the side. Pretty right? Or hideous, depending on your tastes.
Ok, now go back to the top picture. (Scroll up, I'll wait.) See in the background of that picture?? That's the "new" hat cast on and knit around. The first hat was 116 stitches around (about 23-24 inches...guy's got a big head). But, knitting stretches. So I put it on his head and bunched it up as tight as he'd like it and the "new" hat is only 84 stitches around. I also went down a couple of needle sizes for the ribbing. That may be overkill, but oh well. If it's too small I'll rip it out again and start over. I used size 5 needles (in case you're wondering) for the first hat. This "new" one is size 3 for the ribbing and size 5 for the stockinette. Plain jane hat = no pattern. Rib for an inch or two then stockinette till the end. 7 evenly spaced decreases at the top. No biggie.
And that stuff in the foreground of the 1st picture.....that will come soon. :)

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