Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Something only a Knitter would notice...

I have seen Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" at least 100 times (probably more) in my life. Lady and the Tramp and Cindella are my favorite Disney flicks.

My Flower recently discovered Cinderella. We have watched it no less than 6 times per day for about a month. She loves her "Cinna-relly".

A few days ago the unthinkable happened - we lost Cinnarelly. We moved every piece of furniture, every toy, every cup, bowl and spoon, tearing the house apart for this movie. Gone.

So I did what any sane parent would do, I cried. Then I picked up "the puppy movie" and introduced her to Lady. She loves her Lady, but covers her eyes at the scary rat.

Seeing this movie now, as a knitter, I notice things in more detail than before. Darling, the "mom", is knitting some baby items. But not only is she shown reclining in a rocker, needles and yarn in hand - she is knitting with DOUBLE POINT NEEDLES.

The first time I saw a sock in progress on a set of DPNs, I told myself, "Now that is why I can't knit. Look at how complicated that is." I never imagined I'd actually *enjoy* working on them or ever understand how they work.

Needless to say, I thought it was rather spiffy the attention to detail in the movie. Pretty neat.

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laurazim said...

Well, it IS a scary rat!! The creepy thing lurks in the shadows, for Pete's sake, and all we see for a minute there are it's creepy, glowing, yellow eyes, for PETE's sake, and it's SCARY, FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! The girl just has sense, that's all.

Security word: scregi. Yo' hair be lookin' a little scregi this mo'nin'.