Thursday, July 31, 2008

Used Diapers Anyone?

Ok. I admit it.

Hi, my name is Heather. I am a cloth diaper addict. (Everyone clap and make me feel welcome.)

With this new bundle of joy on the way, my brain has been going a little crazy making sure our stash is up to par. I have been stalking this site, checking often for good deals on used diapers.

While I love a good deal, my mind is constantly shocked (shocked, I say!!) at what some want to charge for used diapers. I understand that many of the diapers cost well over $10 or even $20 (for the ones that are one-size or All-In-Ones) brand new. I have a favorite place to buy new diapers - here. But, we are talking used. As in, "My kid has shit and pissed in these pieces of cloth, be them lovely as they were before the excrement, and now that he/she has outgrown them I wish to sell them to someone else."

There are some out there being sold for *gasp* $15 each!! Used! Diapers! Really. I am not joking. Most are in the $8-$12 range. Used. Used. Used. (The word is starting to look funky to me.) I have even seen one for sale, used, for $28. T-w-e-n-t-y e-i-g-h-t. 2. 8. I realize this particular diaper sells new for $35 - but really, $28, after your child has USED it! I am truly amazed.

What kicks me in the ass even more is that PEOPLE are actually PAYING this for the USED DIAPERS. Really. Paying. And happy about it.

I myself, cannot be brought to pay more than 1/2 (at the MOST) of retail for a diaper that is used. I really like these diapers. A lot. But, they are $12 each new. So I've been looking for them used. I have bought a few sets - I got 3 for $13 (shipping included) the other day and 4 for $11 about a week later. Not bad. But most of the posts for this brand are selling them for $8-10 each. Used. I just cannot do it. And I must tell you, my dear reader, about it because? Well, because I can. I think it's weird and I'd like everyone to know just how strange I find this practice of selling something that's been peed on (washed, yes, but PEED on, and POOPED in) for almost what you paid for it.

AND, and of course there's more - these aren't even All-in-One diapers. They need a cover. You still have to have some kind of cover to make them work. It isn't like your $8 used per diaper price is going to help you as much as you think. You need some kind of cover like this one or this one to keep them from getting everything around them wet.

Anyway. I am an addict. And I will keep stalking. I will not, however, pay too much for a USED diaper, no matter how cute they are in the pictures or how fluffy I know them to be. Not to mention the fact that my husband 'bout came out of his pants when I showed him the dipes that were being sold for those prices. "Used!" he said. "They're used! What happened to garage-sale prices?"

I am totally with you honey.


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