Monday, July 28, 2008


I am up because I cannot sleep right now. I am sure I will go back to bed soon, as my gorgeous blonds are so cutely cuddled together in bed right now and I won't be able to resist joining them.

Anyway - the Ewww......

I was thinking of the aforementioned "If I Were" song, by Jim Henson. I thought, "Hey, maybe I should see if I can find the tape, ooooh, or even CD, online for sale. So I looked on Ebay, and found the tape listed for about $10.00. Then I went to Amazon. I searched "Used Music" for "sesame street". I got 307 results. All actually related to what I searched for expect maybe 4 listings.

Yes, there was a listing for the tape/CD I wanted in the 307 - tape $7.95, CD $49.99!! Yep that seller is out of their mind. For fifty bucks, I'll just try to remember all the lyrics. They'll come back to me soon enough.

Ok, I'm sorry, off track again. The Ewwww....... in the listings is a CD entitled "How To Be Happy All The Time [Explicit Lyrics]". The cover of this CD, which I would never in a million years include on my blog (nor can I bring myself to include the link) is a photograph of a woman in her *ahem* birthday suit playing the piano with a nice yellow smily face sticker covering the only body part you would expect to be sticking out from the side view.

I will not soil your minds with anymore description. But Ewwww!!!! I said "sesame street" - not "hey I'd like to see some porn while I'm at it". Eww, eww, eww. Yuck. I want to bleach my eyes out, but I do rather like the sense of sight as a permanent one.

How does one get one's "Explicit Lyric" CD to show up in a search for Sesame Street anyway?



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