Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crack Me, Please.

In an effort to restore rest at my house, I ventured to the chiropractor today.

It's one of those things that really isn't that hard to do. I live a mere minute(s) away from her office. She carries lots of items in her office I that I drive into the "big city" to get. She is friendly and knowledgeable about her profession. She gets the job done.

Why do I torture myself by lying home in pain when it is so easy to get up and go to see her?

Because: my mind is clouded with other "needs", "worries", and "important" stuff and I never take the time to take care of ME. I gotta stop doing that.

It is so nice to go and see someone who, yes is being paid, but still, pays attention to YOU and what YOU have to say and gives YOU advice (that is backed with education and research) about how to help your ailing body.

Once I arrived there I about shot myself in the foot for paying a health-store pharmacy in the big city to ship a supplement to me that I found on Dr. H's shelf for about 1/2 the price. Right here in town! A minute from my home!

After my adjustment, I promised her I would return soon and often. I also promised her I would remember that she stocked all the wonderful, natural, herbal, homeopathic remedies I use and dispense to my children and husband.

Why, you ask, would I need to be cracked? Am I a nut? A patch on concrete on the highway? Nope. I am a pregnant mama. I have gummy joints. I am experiencing extreme carpal tunnel. The pain is so bad it is waking me up at night and bringing forth tears. Real tears. I went so far as to take actual Tylenol last night to get some relief and rest. While this may seem a normal, everyday kind of thing for some of you out there, anyone who knows me knows I don't resort to pills unless it is a last, extreme resource. It did the job - for about 2 hours. I even took the friggin' Extra Strength version.

Enter the chiropractor. My dear friend. My sweet release, literally. Having all your bones, joints, ligaments, and nerves put back in place really makes a difference. It also makes you feel a little silly when you know that at any time in the past 3 months you could have had the same relief had you only bothered to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

I would highly recommend that everyone make good friends with a local chiropractor and be able to enjoy life in good health. It's kinda funny for me: When I am not pregnant, and otherwise "healthy" I make it a point to go at least once a week. Then I get all hormone filled and "woe, woe is me" and I can't even be bothered to pick myself up and get out of the house. I will not be making that mistake again. I must repeat this so it gets into my brain and happens......I WILL NOT BE MAKING THAT MISTAKE AGAIN.

I will take care of myself. I will go and get adjusted. I will take my supplements regularly. I will treat myself as if I as am important as the rest of my family.

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