Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Dear Daddy,

I am so sorry for not thinking you were here. I have been wondering where you were, especially since it's so hard to see you and your work doesn't show up so easily compared to everyone else's. I thought you had gone. Then I dreamt about you last night. I actually came to see you and you forgave me for not coming back to visit for so long.

I realize that I have actually been neglecting you - and I am so sad because of it. I asked Mama to help me last night and to talk to you for me. I know I can't start right back up again as strong as I was before. Do you think you can help me? Did Mama come and talk to you like I asked her to?

I need you. I need your help. I promise I won't fall so far away again. Although I know even if I do, you'll be right there to help me back up again. It's so hard to believe even though you've done it for me so many times. No one else here has ever been that strong for me. They always let me down and never love me unless I love them first.

Thank you for loving me no matter what. I hope I can start to believe it more strongly. I am sorry I wasn't paying as much attention to you as you deserve. I don't mean to test you. Thank you, thank you for always being there. I am on my way back home. If it's all right with you, I think I'll just pass notes to you through Mama for a few nights, until I get better at it and can talk to you myself.

Thanks for understanding. I love you Daddy.


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