Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hormones: Pop quiz

The first one to get all the answers right wins......nothing but a good feeling in your tummy knowing that you can quote the source and function of all things female.

1. Estrogen comes from:

A) Graffian Follice
B) Ovary
C) A & B
D) Deep recess of space reserved for PMS

2. Function of estrogen:

A) Repairs and replaces endometrial lining
B) Promotes linear bone growth
C) Keeps family away when you just don't need to be bothered
D) Explains how one can bleed straight for 7 days and not die

3. Progesterone comes from:

A) Corpus Lueteum
B) Ovary
C) A & B
D) Crazy pregnant people

4. Function of progesterone:

A) Maintains and supports pregnancy
B) Inhibits prolactin
C) A & B
D) Evokes uncontrollable crying and mood swings, causing those around you to assume you are completely nuts

5. Relaxin comes from:

A) WTF is relaxin?
B) Placenta
C) Ovary
D) Getting the kids to bed before you are ready for bed

6. Function of relaxin:

A) Relaxes joints and ligaments in preparation for childbirth
B) Causes your feet to grow a full size with each pregnancy
C) Makes you waddle as you lose your sense of balance due to spreading of hips in all directions
D) Makes you wish it meant it would actually RELAX you so you could enjoy this journey until your baby arrives instead of being a nervous wreck

7. Testosterone comes from:

A) Dudes
B) More specifically, their gonads
C) Females have testosterone?
D) Adrenal glands (in females)

8. Function of testosterone:

A) Makes you stupid and kills brain cells (in men)
B) Responsible for skin pigment changes, hair growth changes, and changes in sex drive in the pregnant woman
C) Inhibits normal thinking
D) Explains why sometimes pregnant women don't think as normally as they would

I hope this was fun and enjoyable. Answers (yes, the real answers are there) to come tomorrow.


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