Monday, July 14, 2008

A New Year

I realize it's the middle of July. All major superstores have the school supplies out. With the humidity it feels like it's 180 degrees outside. My poor A/C has been pushing it to the limit everyday (and we love you for it!). The departments stores apparently think we need winter clothing at this point - because obviously if you don't stock long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and pants now, we'll all forget they're necessary by the time it actually gets cold in December.

So, I am hopping on the bandwagon. School starts at my house tomorrow. Yes, you heard me right, tomorrow. Am I a little lost? Maybe. Have I succumbed to the Secular Media's skewed view of the world? Possibly. Or, more likely, am I just sick of everyone and everything shouting out to us, "Stop enjoying Summer! Stop relaxing and laying around! There are things to be done! Prepare for the "Big Freeze"! Buy your notebooks - because you won't be able to find them once school really starts!" and decided it was time to do something with it instead of against it.

Anyone who knows me is thinking I really have lost my brain right about now.

Really? Really, it's that I am 8 months pregnant. I have a baby due August 29th. I do not want to do school with my 8 year old in September or October. So we are starting now. When the baby comes, he can have a two month break. I reasoned with him that it would be a more normal temperature AND be some kind of hunting season and he would have loads more fun being outside then than now - when it's 180 degrees outside.

Of course, he's no dummy. "But mom, !!??, all my building-school (what he calls regular school) friends have the summer off. There won't be anyone to play with in the fall. !!??" Look buddy, I am not going to overwhelm myself with teaching while I am trying to establish nursing. "We can just take those months off, too. I know you don't want to be too busy. And you're tired now. I don't want to start school." Too freakin' bad kid. You're not getting a five month break, and I am not going to stress myself once this little one comes.

So, tomorrow it is.

It feels nice, actually. I went through the bookshelves and took all of last year's stuff down and got out the nice, clean, shiny workbooks for this year and displayed them ever so carefully. I packed away last year's lesson plans and replaced them in my binder with the fresh, crisp paper of this year's lesson plans. I planned out five weeks worth of studies, complete with a devotional story for each morning and Feast Days of the Saints added in for our "Summer" school days. I am calm and ready to go.

Hopefully, my body and mind cooperate in the next few weeks so that we can get things done. I can't be falling off the wagon and into "I'm too pregnant to do anything but lay here and complain" world if I want to be able to have him focus (just a little Lord, is all I ask) and do some work. He'll gladly be lazy with me and allow school to fall to the side, all the while telling me, "It's OK Mom, I know you're tired. Go back to sleep. I'll watch the baby (2 year old) and give her some cereal." He's a good kid, and a good big brother.

Good intentions and prayers will fill the next few weeks at our house, giving way to a (hopefully) wonderful beginning of 3rd Grade for my Wobbers.


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