Monday, June 7, 2010

Updated Blog List

I was (finally) able to update my blog list. Unfortunately, Blogger cut me off before I could finish. For now you have "Keeping Me Sane Blogs," "Knitting Blogs," and "Bat Shit Crazy Blogs."

Still need to get "Man Blogs" and "Catholic Blogs" up. It will not let me update anymore. Being picky I guess. So if you don't see yourself's coming.

I realize some of you fall into more than one catagory. I just put you were it means most to me. A couple of you "keeping me sane" are (obviously) also Catholic moms and/or knitters. But really, you're keeping me sane!!

And, a hat tip to two of my favorite "new" blogs that I have been reading for about a month now:

Wool and Chocolate

Become What You Are

Your comments are keeping me writing ladies! Thanks


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you keep writing!

Thanks for the h/t!

Anonymous said...

I am honored that you visit my blog and leave such encouraging comments. Thank you