Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

After a busy week with family, many (MANY) late nights, and zippo for sleep.....I am playing catch-up this week.

Catch up on laundry. Dishes. Food that went bad (I hate that. Don't you?) while I spent most of the week at my mom's house. Catch up on blogs (haven't read much). Catch up on my blog. Update Ravelry (ok, I did that...check my new project here). Balance the checkbook (am I the last person in the world who still writes checks?). Catch up my brain.

I feel totally lost and out of it. My body hurts from all the driving (and we won't be doing that again any time soon.....like I will put my foot down if anyone else comes to visit.....more on that later). Pregnancy and 3+ hours in a car everyday do not mesh well.

I didn't accomplish much last week. But it was fun and nice to see my aunt. I love her. I miss her sooooo much. I wish she lived closer. I would see her every week if I could. She is so great with my kids - happy just being with them, laughing with them, and watching them play. It's always amazing to me the different people that can come out of the same upbringing (same parents). She is so different from her sisters.

I will be back to bloggy soon. I have lots on my mind and I need to declutter it. I have been having fun reading a few blogs here and there the last few days on my phone. I can't wait to
"catch up" with what you've all been up to.


Anonymous said...

welcome back!

Michelle said...

glad to hear you had a wonderful visit! I do love the way the same parents can create completely different children!! Notice it all the time with my children and my siblings as well. Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

We drove from Dallas, Tx to Dayton, OH when I was 7 months preg with my third. It was for a wedding, so it wasn't optional, but I will never do that again! Glad you had a good time.