Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8 Years In the Making......

We moved last summer to this new home in the boonies. Obviously, I am still not totally "unpacked".

I did, however, find a surprise buried deep down in a box that I was going through this week.

I started this baby blanket when my eldest was 2. He's 10 now, so that's a long time ago. We weren't sure we'd ever conceive a child together (he had a vasectomy while in his previous marriage) and I wasn't sure I'd ever finish it (the blanket). But, I really wanted a baby, so I started the blanket. (Just an FYI, for new readers....we have now conceived 3 babies post-vasectomy reversal. They do work. And God is soooooooo good.)

It's crochet (hate), acrylic (double hate), and I am pretty sure I bought the materials, including hook, pattern, and yarn, at Walmart. Uh-huh.

But, seriously. It's almost "done". It just needs a border. (Ok, the pattern calls for 118 rows, and I figured out which row I'm on (there are 6 that repeat, oh look parenthesis inside of parenthesis, cool) and it's about 84....so I just decided to get to row 6 and start the border).

It's big enough. It's some baby sport weight yarn in a pastel varigated (blue dominant, because I love(d) blue). It's not the *worst* yarn I've ever knit crocheted with (hey, at least it's not BlackRed Heart), but after using natural fibers it just feels....um....fake. I even took it out of it's "store bought center-pull skein" and wound it up on my ball winder thinking it might be less offensive if it at least *looked* like regular yarn.

I am happy to be finishing it though. It feels good to get things done. I am also very amazed at how fast the yarn is getting used up. I knew crochet takes more yardage than knitting but I wasn't prepared for this. When I wound up the skein I thought for sure, "I am going to have a TON of this stuff left. Maybe I'll make a February Baby Sweater and give it to some non-knitting mom." That is not going to happen.

Even so, I have to find someone who wants the blanket. I thought about having a "leave me a comment and you can win the blanket" contest, but most of my crafty readers are knitters like myself who use good yarn. ;) (And it's just not quite done, yet.) You can check it out on Ravelry here.


Anonymous said...

it is pretty, though.... even though it's crochet and acrylic. :D

I do use acrylic still as gifts for those who will not take good care of handknitted items. It does wear like steel and it is cheap. Why spend a lot of money on something that will be abused? I won't go so far as RedHeart, though. No one deserves that! LOL

could you donate it to a crisis pregnancy center? women's shelter?

Anonymous said...

My grandmother, bless her heart, has made baby blankets for each of my babies in Red Heart. Then, around age five, she crochets a larger one for them. I weigh the love she put into it vs. my animosity toward acrylic yarn and.... well, I kept them. We just don't use them. Am I evil?

Jenny said...

What a great find! Maybe you could donate it to your church or local hospital?

I just stopped in from Catholic Mother's Online...Hello!