Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Movie Review - Taken

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Wow. What can I say. I read a review of this movie over at Hands to War a while ago. I thought, "Hmm. Sounds like something the hubby and I would enjoy." And then I put it out of my mind.

He then heard about it somewhere and decided we had to buy it. We have small children, so he got to watch it way before I did.

Finally, it was my turn. Great film. Real stuff. Being married to a cop makes me look at the world a little differently. I realize (spoiler here.......close your eyes or go to the next paragraph if you don't want to hear this....not that it will ruin the movie if you do, it won't) the only reason he finds his daughter at the end of the movie is because we movie-goers like a "happy" ending. In real life, she'd be gone.

Basic synopsis: Ex-FBI agent dad has an ex-wife who is an idiot, especially when it comes to limits and boundaries with their daughter (hmmm, sounds familiar in my life). Daughter and ex-wife convince him to give consent for her to go overseas, sans-parents, and she is "Taken". Kidnapped by a women-trafficking group of slimeballs.

He goes to get her. You see some messed-up stuff. The movie is full of action, and is entertaining. It's also a little bit real, like too real I'm sure for some people. I wish we could get my husband's ex-wife to watch it. You see what happens to these girls when they are taken. Where the end up. How they are used. Sold. Addicted to drugs so they'll do whatever they're told.

I am sure it sounds a little weird hearing me call this a "great film". It was great. Liam Neeson is awesome. The realness of this movie is awesome. The fact that he finds her is awesome. I have actually watched it like 3 times in the last month.

I think every parent, especially if you are not really sure why you should monitor when/where/who/what your kids go/do/see/in person/or on the internet, needs to see this movie. It's a lot different when you know what kind of stuff is out there.

I know there are some people who would say (like the ex) "That's just a movie. That stuff doesn't really happen." Lemme tell does. All the time. One minute your little girl is online talking to a new "friend", the next she is meeting her "friend" at McDonald's, next minute she's gone. Sorry to get a little in-yo-face and personal here.....I just wish with all my heart that this kind of message would get through to someone (in particular).

Bottom line:

Good movie. Great even.

NOT appropriate for children. (Unless you have a college or maybe HS-aged kid who wants to tour Europe alone. Show 'em this.)

No nudity (just so you know...I don't even like to see nudity as an adult, so if you don't either, you won't find any here even with the serious content)

Lots of action (entertaining for the men, and me too)

Liam Neeson (need I say more?)

(Ok, more) Worth a viewing.

I hope I don't seem to "off the deep end" for some of you with this. It was just a good flick and I wanted to share.


Anonymous said...

I liked this movie, too! I watched a good while ago, but would watch it again.

We actually let our oldest 2 (13 and 15 at the time, I think) daughters watch it. We wanted to do a "scared straight" kind of thing with it.

I think the review you wrote is great. The only thing I'd add is that I think Agent Bryan was more of a CIA type agent rather than FBI, (probably one of those _IA agencies we don't know exist) :)

Michelle said...

So happy to see 2 of my favorite bloggers/mothers/catholics, liked this as much as I did. My husband, I and our then 14 yo son watched it last June. I forgot how much I liked it thanks for reminding me, may need to get this one again. And you're right if it hadn't of had a happy ending I so would have HATED it! I'm a Sucker for a sappy/happy ending!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! This movie is indeed one of my favorites... even if there isn't any nudity. I mean...

Anonymous said...

Also... thanks for the link to my page!

Anonymous said...

I liked this movie as well, for all the reasons you mentioned, but also because it is rare to see a movie where the dad is a real man who is smart, right and the hero that saves the day. Hollywood rarely protrays the father that way.
I would not have liked it with a different ending, even though that would have been more believable. I guess I am just out to be entertained in the end, eh?

Anonymous said...

i agree with WoolandChocolate, too! It is wonderful to see a dad portrayed as a strong, caring, intelligent (and hawt) man. No peter griffin in this movie.

MamaMidwife said...

I agree with all of you!!

I LOVED this movie. And yes, it is so nice to see the dad be what they should be: caring, strong, the hero, and of course hawt. Hee hee.

I also have a little confession - as much as I said "not appropriate for children", I probably should have said "little kids". We let our 14 yr old daughter (who has a mom EXACTLY like the mom in the movie (not me)) watch it and we also let our 10 year old boy watch it. They both liked it and asked a lot of questions which we were happy to answer.

And Liam Neeson. Seriously. He could probably be old enough to be my dad. Don't care. Totally awesome in all his flicks. There's that whole "accent" thing too, which he can never quite get rid of even when he's playing an American.

Thanks for all your comments ladies!!