Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not feeling up to posting....

But here's some gratuitous knitting pictures and updates anyway.

Remember the "possessed" yarn? I am making some socks from it. I had originally started this sock on 9 inch circular needles. Today I switched to some DPN (double point needles) and I knit 2 inches of length pretty fast. On the circs I had done 1 inch in about 3 weeks.

I don't hate the circ needles....but the knitting does seem faster on the DPN. It's just a PITA to keep changing needles.

I do love the yarn though. It's very soft and quite pretty.

I finished the Lakehouse Longies. (More pictures and notes at the ravelry link to the left.) They turned out really nice. Technically, I am still "finishing" them, because the I-cord is not done yet. You can see it in the right side of this picture, being knit. But it's almost done.

I do think they are very boy colored.....but I am going to hang onto them until I have the physical evidence in my hands that this baby is indeed a girl. Just in case.

This is a nice picture without the flash. It kind of shows the colors better. I don't know. It's lots of blue with some teal, and a little orange.

I did seed stitch cuffs this time around. The longies are a size medium, so I thought it would be nice if I could roll the cuffs up. I also wanted a "gender neutral" style cuff....in case I gift them to a friend with a boy.

I think this last picture shows the color of the yarn the best. See that I-cord...still coming along. I know it takes forever to knit an I-cord. I have a friend who always crochets her cords. But the I-cord is just sooo good looking. I have to knit them.

I really do like these. Now the question is "What to knit next??". I have yarn for LOTS more longies. I want to do a top-down baby sweater. I am still knitting those socks. I need to embellish the Cutie Girlie Longies. I have yarn for pink/purple longies, rainbow/teal longies, red/gold longies, blue longies, green longies......I can't decide. Then there's the question - do I use the rainbow yarn I have left over to trim a pair of purple longies or use it for teal longies (as I just mentioned). A friend of mine had a baby a few weeks ago....should I knit her something?
So many decisions. So much yarn. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Well, purple is my favorite color, so that is what I would knit next....
Love the longies, and I would use those for a girl. Just pair it with a girlie top. That is the thing with girls. You can use the boyish ones on a girl (think jeans), but never the girlish ones on a boy!

laurazim said...

The possessed yarn is being knit into socks?? They shall unravel themselves and tie up whoever dares to wear them!!!!!

OK, the blue longies could TOTALLY be for a girl. They're like blue leggings, and with brown trim, that's, like, totally IN!!!! :)