Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Yarn, New Toys

My aunt asked me exactly what a "yarn swift" was. I'll show you. First up: a ball winder. The ball winder looks like this in action (and the order of these picutres is the random way blogger loaded them, sorry if it doesn't make sense). This contraption takes your skeins and makes them into pretty "cakes" that pull from the center for knitting.

In the past, I've had to ask/beg for one of the boys (Wobbers or The Man) to hold the skein while I wind it. No more!! I now have a swift:
See Wobbers doing the "thumbs up"? He thinks the swift is much, much better than him holding the yarn. As you wind it onto the ball winder, the swift spins. Magic!

This is the "Whales Road" Malabrigo yarn (in skein form). Pretty and soft. Blues, purples, and a little teal.

This is the "Velvet Grapes" Malabrigo. Sooooo pretty. Very purple, reminds me of the womb from a baby's perspective.
I wish I had better pictures for you - but again, the sun is not cooperating.

This is a sideways picture of all the Malabrigo I got last month in "cakes" (also know as "center pull balls"). I love this yarn.
Up LYS trip with gift certificates.....

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Anonymous said...

Catching up on my blog friends....

I got my swift last christmas and love, love, love it! My mom got it for me at my request and was so not getting it. She couldn't understand why it made me so happy. Poor non-knitter... :)

I have that velvet grapes in sweater quantities! Squee! I love it - being obsessed with purple and all.

Love the whales road, too, but haven't had the pleasure of seeing it in real life.

Oh, I love knitting. I can't wait to be up to actually do it again. For now, I will live vicariously through you, and all the other lovely knitters in blog-land. :)