Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why I do Montessori

As I was sitting here, reading away over at Candy Rant, I suddenly noticed it was far, far too quiet.

My eight year old was holding the baby and watching Star Wars, Episode III (his favorite). Said baby was asleep. But the usually audible musings of my toddler were not to be heard.

I turned around to find her with the Basic H sprayer in her hands as she calmly sits at her table. She is squeezing the trigger. I lean back a little so that I can see her table at an angle where the sunlight illuminates it. What do I see? Lots of little liquidy puddles.

"Wet," I say.

"Whet, whet, whet!!" she says back.

Oh boy.

We clean up the table with some paper towels and I proceed to inspect the rest of the living room. Wouldn't ya know there's a lot of "whet" all around - on the ottoman, the table, the floor. Ooo-wee, fun, fun, fun.

I gotta finish setting up my Montessori shelves.


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