Monday, October 27, 2008

More for those we love who are far away.....

Here's a few more pictures for you Aunt S. They're getting sooo big!!

She's a big girl.

And she loves it when the camera is out! Here's some rare footage of the two of them in the tub. She doesn't usually want a bath and he usually gets in the shower with me - so this is rare indeed.

This is me with them both in slings. Am I crazy? See his little head there poking out of the top in a hooded sweatshirt? Too darn cute!!

Oh, and my Little Man with Daddy. They are so sweet together. My husband's just a great big Teddy Bear.

I didn't realize until now how tired I look in this photo. Oh well. Not the best pic of me but those two sleeping blondes are great.

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