Thursday, October 30, 2008


The bomb went off this morning. In bed. On me.

Let me explain.

My dear boy hasn't pooped in quite a while. After this post the other day, he did have a small amount of what I will call liquid come out of his bottom, but nothing substantial. The only other emmisions were enough to knock me over a few times.

So this morning, we are laying in bed. He stirs. I look at the cell phone. Hmm. 7-something a.m. An OK time to wake up. I sit up, turn on the light, and begin to nurse My Little Man. He coos up at me, I smile and coo back at him.

Since I am still in the very early post-partum phase of things, my body is still trying to rid itself of excess moisture. My little one also is a furnace. Needless to say, perspiration is a part of life at night under the thick coverings of our king-sized bed. So when my itty-bitty heater passes the now quite usual large amount of very loud gas, I think nothing of it. I assume the wetness I feel on the back of his onesie is simply a little leftover of me and him being cozy warm together all night.

Um, no.

I lifted him up to burp him and looked down only to find a cadmium yellow colored pool of poo climbing up the back of his onesie. Oh yeah - and it was on my leg, my arm, and my hand.

I immediately screamed in horrow, I mean, called for help. Wobbers, the good boy he is, came through with a waterproof pad to put under him, a flat prefold diaper for on top of that, two wet cloth wipes, and a fresh clean cloth diaper.

I quickly layed him down, peeled off his onesie, and discarded it to the floor. I managed to not get the poo on his head which I was thankful for. The smell of stuff that has been stuck up in your little one's small intestine for the good part of a week, even though it is "just" breastmilk poo, can be quite overbearing....just in case you were wondering. I can only imagine what it would be like if it wasn't breastmilk sustaining him.

I took a deep breath and peeled back the diaper. Oh my!! Lots of poo. I quickly pulled it up and popped it into the make-shift diaper pail next to my bed. Keeping both of his legs high in the air, I proceeded to give him a "bath" with the two cloth wipes at my disposal. Once he was sufficiently cleaned up, I rediapered him, wiped off myself, and went to wash out the onesie.

I also disinfected my hands with bleach, umm, washed my hands and took the time to pee myself.

What a great morning. :)


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