Monday, October 27, 2008

What Can You Do In 3 Hours?

Well, lets see. That depends on how many kids you have around. When I have my newborn keeping my tightly strapped in a chair nursing, combined with my toddler pulling items out of cupboards, closets, drawers, and bags, and my eight year old asking "What's this?", "How do you...?", "Can I do.....", the answer is not much.

When EVERYBODY but you is asleep -

Sort unusually large amount of laundry for washing
Resort clothes already sorted by eight year old earlier in the day
Fold 5 loads of laundry
Wash and dry 4 loads of laundry
Make tomorrow's lunch for family
Have a snack
Not share your Haagen Daz ice cream with toddler
Wash dishes from making lunch
Wash dishes from cooking meat for the week (which were left out from the 2 hours spent cooking earlier)
Pick up toddler's toys in living room
Catch up on great TV show about Duggar Family
Get diapers ready for bed time
Wash dishes found around the house
Pick up (MORE) dirty laundry found around the house
Take clean laundry to rooms they belong in
Have a nice glass of peach-iced-tea (made earlier)
Update your blog in peace

What a nice time by myself!! Although, I'm sure I'll be tired tomorrow. :)

Thanks be to GOD!

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