Sunday, January 2, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Day.

Around here, my Lovely has been sick. He has a fever of unknown origin (read: Mama thinks he's got some virus running through his system).

He is very sad-looking. The bonus of him being sick (see, I can find a silver lining in anything) is that he is mellow-er than normal. He cuddles, will sit still for short periods of time, and wants to read lots of books on your lap. I love it.

He has also decided that he needs milkies. His little nody is smart enough to know that nursing will help him fight whatever it is. I am sure the close, cuddle time with Mama doesn't hurt either. ;)

He does not, however, like that he is not first in line for milkies. Rose gets first dibs *always*. If he's nursing and then she wants some, he gets kicked off. He doesn't like that one bit. It's hard for me too, because I don't like making him sad. But I have to remind myself that he *is* bonded to me and Rose is still getting attached. She needs more reassurance than he does because she's littler and new.
We'll see where it goes from here. He may stop nursing once he feels better, or not. Doesn't matter either way to me (although I have become quite HUNGRY since he picked up nursing again).

**Is there knitting going on? You bet! Almost done with the first new WIP of the new year, a hat for ME.**

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