Friday, January 7, 2011

It's me again


I wish I could delete that last post. Can't do that when you blog from a phone.

I guess that would be a little "real-world-me" coming through.

Let me tell you -

Even on the bad days....

Even when they make me crazy...

Even when I have not showered in 7 days because everyone is sick and needs me (like now).....

I would not trade this job for all the yarn in the world (yarn seems more appropriate than money).

I love my kids, and not just because it's cool to say that or sound self rightchous (how the heck do you spell that at 1am without your glasses on laying in bed??y.

I really love them. I get angry and frustrated. I am real. This is real life.

But they are sooooo worth it.

(So much so, I will probably *not* return to Midwifery, even though I am *almost* done to the point of having a license. But that's another post....something I've been thinking about for a long time.)

1 comment:

Kim said...

why do you want to delete that post? So you were frustrated? Uhm, totally ok. You took care of BOTH your babies, and did it well. AND you realised that your 2 year old was OK -- and probably just wanted to soothe suck to sleep. I, personally am AMAZED and way jealous that you nursed one child 4 months into your next pregnancy, and THEN tandem nursed when the next was ill. I say congratualtions are in order. OH, and if you're feeling guilty b/c of not serving God etc? He gets that we are human, we will fail, and that even in the moment you were repentant. Just sayin' :)