Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have created a monster

My 2 year old.

He's so cute. And cuddly. And sweet. He can melt my heart with a laugh or one of his smiles.

Last week, when he fell ill, he wanted to nurse. I have always had wonderful dreams of tandem nursing and my kids growing up to be "nursing buddie" and all that jazz. It has *never* worked out, as whoever is the nusling usually weans themselves at about 4 months into the next pregnancy. I am usually sad when they wean, but relieved a little too.

So, when he wanted to nurse, I was happy. I was so excited that he wanted to reconnect, that he'd be getting good anti-bodies (since he's sick), and that I could comfort him.

It's been a week.

I've decided he's a little like an addict.

He seems to believe he needs to be attached 24/7. Um, no. You are 2. I have no problem nursing 3 or 4 times during the day. In fact, for naptime I prefer it to other methods of sleep induction. But YOU DO NOT NEED TO NURSE AS OFTEN AS THE INFANT WHO DOES NOT EAT ADULT FOOD. Seriously.

He has been protesting my, er, "restrictions". He protests very loudly, usually by repeating, "I want some mooties" over. And over. And over. It's really @#?!ing annoying.

I know, I know....but MamaMidiwfe, remember how *happy* you were to be serving God by caring for your children? How happy it made you to "be there" for them? Why are you complaining?

I appologize. Really I did. Click away from my page. Go ahead, I understand.

I am just sooooo annoyed. I know he's tired, and/or sick (he is starting to turn the corner since he was the first one to get "it"), and needs me. It just sucks. I cannot nurse him all day. I have a baby who needs me for that.

He is also waking up at night and asking for them. Dude? Wtf? Last night he repeated "I want some mooties" for AN HOUR. And I even nursed him twice during that hour and he just. kept. going.

In fact, he has been saying that for the last hour that I have been sitting here in bed. I finally picked up my phone and decided to post.

I know I no longer sound charitable. I understand if this rant makes me the worst mama ever. And if you never want to come back.






Want to come?

*le sigh*

I imagine (hope) this will get better. I have decided, for now, nighttime nursing is reserved for the BABY only. I hate to see my boy cry - but I get up enough as is to nurse during the night. He *is* in fact mature enough to be sleeping and cuddled when he wakes. (Which I've been doing for always.)

Poor kid. It's all my fault.


Anonymous said...

I had one kid that was all or nothing. I couldn't slowly wean her, I couldn't cut down, I couldn't ease her out. I had to go cold turkey. It wasn't lovely, but I also couldn't be nursing her constantly.

You aren't a bad mom. You know he can live without the boobies and you have a baby that can't. You know he can sleep, and you are trying to get the baby to sleep. There is nothing wrong with being a little irritated. In fact, I would worry if you weren't. :)

Personally, I would just put my foot down somewhere, and not feel bad about it at all. Whatever you decide to do, more power to ya, Mama! Having multiple little ones is a challenging task that God gives to the best of us! ;)

laurazim said...

Wait, what? You're human??


Ok, calm down. WAC is right--you *can* put your foot down and just abide the incessant crying and complaining for a day or two. He will get over it, I promise.

Another alternative is to use language that you know he can understand and be CONSISTENT with it: the milkes are sleeping right now. When the lights go off, the milkies go to sleep, just like you do. Ignoring his need is not what this is--it's helping him learn that he cannot have everything that he wants when he wants it just because he wants it. You've heard me say to my minions, "We do not run the household according to what the 2-year-old wants."

Hang in there, and call me if you need to--you *KNOW* I've been there, and to a degree, I'm still there!

Aubrey said...

Whew, tandem nursing! You rock, woman! My kids slowly wean and are usually done with me by 10 months, whether I like it or not. I've never tandem-nursed. Now my baby, nearly 11 months old, is not interested in latching on anymore, the little booger. She wants to bite. *sigh* I know how to solve the biting, but I can't make her drink. Ah, well, it was a good eleven months!