Thursday, January 6, 2011

A little "Round-Up"

Well, I've never done a knitting "round up" of the year.....but here it goes.

2010 saw my knitting skill and stamina increase. According to Ravelry, I knit 38 projects this year (whew!). 2 projects are still WIP for this year, and 2 were put to sleep. One of the WIP is a completed project that was started in 2009, frogged in 2010 and restarted.

I completed:
6 sweaters
6 pairs of longies
2 soakers
6 pairs of gloves/mittens/fingerless mittens
6 hats
1 pair of socks
1 pair of wee-tiny-socks
1 wee-tiny bag with 3 wee-tiny horcuxes inside of it (forgot to take a picture and add to projects)
4 plush-y type toys
1 shawl
1 blanket (crochet)
1 scarf (for my mom, not on my project page)
1 hat not on project page for hideousness

I still have 2 sweaters (one for me, one for the husband) on the needles.

I have 2 socks hibernating. One of them indefintely. The other I think I will knit into wristies.

Hmp. That feels pretty good.

Now, for fun, let's contrast that with 2009 - the year I learned to knit.

15 projects:

1 pair of socks
1 hat
2 sweaters (1 of those got frogged and is currently on the needles)
2 shorties (1 turned into a hat, not the hat counted earlier, just thought you'd like to know)
2 soakers (1 of these also turned into a hat in 2011)
1 pair of mittens
1 single mitten
1 single bootie
3 plushy type toys (2 Yoda's and a sheep)
1 afghan square (just a square, tiny, like 8 x 8 inches)

Seems I have picked up speed......

Here's to some good knitting this year. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yay for progress! I should count up all of mine. :) Very fun.