Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wanted: Morning Motivation

I am not a morning person. Even as a little kid I despised mornings and longed for late nights. I used to stay up late to watch "All in the Family" after the news from the hallway (so my parents wouldn't see me still up).

In high school, I would only give myself enough time to brush my teeth before I headed out the door to catch the city bus in whatever clothes I found on the floor. I would get up at 7:55 to make it there by the 8:10 bell. Often times I was late so I just decided to skip and I would stay home and sleep. At this point All in the Family re-runs were cancelled and I instead watched Patrick Stewart in "Star Trek: The Next Generation". Loved that show, but it didn't come on until 12:35am (this was before the DVR craze).

I still struggle with mornings. As the days get colder, it gets harder to convince myself to crawl out of my nice warm covers into shocking frigidness that is "morning". I catch myself barganing in my head as to what activities I can skip in order to sleep more and still get out of the house on time (when we have to be somewhere, like today, Church).

"If I don't eat breakfast, I can reset the alarm for 15 minutes later."

"The kids can eat cold cereal and milk in the car. After all, we'll be driving for an hour and a half."

"A ponytail will do. Skipping the shower buys me another 1/2 hour in bed."

Seriously. I do this.

Not to say that there aren't plently more mornings where I give in, grudgingly, and just Get Up. Now that I have very active toddlers it's kind of hard *NOT* to get up. My main motivation is, "Why is it so quiet out there?" That's never good. ;)

I also fight the urge at night to get up out of bed once the kids are asleep and spend a few night-owl hours to myself, knitting or reading or going online. (I have learned that if I want to even *think* about getting up in the morning, I better just stay put and go to sleep.)

So I pose a question for all you "Morning People" - How do you do it? Why do you do it?

Or maybe better yet, I should pose these questions to the other Non-Morning People (especially the non-morning moms)?? How do you do it? What motivates you to fight against your natural desire to sleep-in? How do you combat the promise of a warm comforter over the reality of cool morning air against you exposed skin?

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Katherine said...

I'm not sure if I am a night owl or a morning person. I guess I'm more of a night owl as I find it easier to stay up than to get up.

If I have had a good night's sleep, it is easier to get up, but even then the nice bed with the soft, plushy duvet is very tempting.

Honestly, what gets me out of the bed in the morning is twofold: 1) I know if I don't get up by 6, I probably won't have much if any time before my kids get up and having any time to myself is priceless. 2) I do something I want to do before I deal with breakfast. That could be email, blogs, facebook, farmville, etc. and also Morning Prayer. But knowing I get to do something for me definitely makes a difference.

Knowing if I don't get up, I will have to get up to "Moooooooooooom, I want breakfast" before I even have my equilibrium is just too unappealing.